Why are all the iPhone chargers at my house not working!!!!

I think because @jongsy bought the cheong ones from JB… My phone keeps telling me that the accessory is "not compatible" with it. Wtf so picky for what.


Pinstripes obsession gone overboard so I'm dressed up in pinstripes both top and bottom. Hehehe.

Hating the insanely hot and humid weather because it means we can only take #ootd after the sun has set (around 5-6pm) but it also means our hair flat already.

Sighpie #firstworldproblems.

Bought dry shampoo and hoping that it works some magic on my tragically straight and fine + limp hair. If it does, I'll share the brand!

The moment I saw this I immediately placed 2 people I know into one category each. Hahahaha. Come @nakedglory and @jongsy, claim your spots quick.


Sadly…. I'm one of those who belongs to the right.

Snooze button is my best friend. Hehe.

Anyway!! I'm gonna get down to doing my Osaka blogpost today. Promise. Will definitely get the post up by this weekend. If not you can leave a comment here and scold me okay!

My friend needs to stop taking photos of me taking photos of things.


I think she has like a collection of over 10 such photos already. Stop ah @nakedglory!!!

Let me tell you all on Dayre first…

We're going to be doing a 72 HOUR SALE later! The discount code <72HRS> will be activated once the clock strikes 10. And you will be able to apply it for 20% off every item on the 72 HOURS SALE page.

You can get a first glimpse of the items now if you hover your mouse over the <SHOP> tab, then click on <THE 72HRS SALE>!

Nice way to end your mid week right? Heh. 😏

All items from the page will be removed and reinstated to normal price after 72 hours.

And the results of today's 200m dash for the bus with @clarayapweiwei – WE CAUGHT THE BUS!


Was a good thing I swapped my heels for flip flops just before I left the office.

Payback time for all the food I ate in Osaka.


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