Back to Work!

Just dreading work the tiniesttttttt bit today because I haven't stepped into the office for like a week plus or so.

Feeling a little guilty for saying this but hey, I'm sure it happens to everyone, RIGHT??

Ok la maybe everyone except for @jongsy. Hahaha. #hardcore #thetrueworkaholic #noneedholidayone

Finally got down to unwrapping the Jill Stuart stuff which I got from Japan's duty free store!


Replenished my blush! This is my favourite shade out of all because it's a nice balance between pink and orange tones.

They do have some new shades compared to the last time I shopped at their counter (which was like more than 2 years ago hahah) but they all looked too orangey for my liking.

Decided to get the same shade which I've been using!

Grabbed their lipstick and lip gloss because the colours look nice for daily wear! And I also like that it is not too drying. Pigmentation cannot be compared to the YSL ones definitely… But plus many many points for their pretty packaging!

The top of the lipstick cover shows a cute flower with a gemstone in the middle…

Which is actually a tiny mirror in disguise!

So so smart.

No more using the reflection of my iPhone to touch up the lips!


Weather is insane. No other words to describe.

So missing Japan's weather where my makeup and hair stay perfect and nice for the entire day.



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