Was invited by Bynd Artisan for a workshop to learn how to make simple leather items today!

This is their artelier and it looks so prettyyy. 😍

#workspaceinspiration or what?!

Doing the outlines for our leather items!

More on this workshop on the blog soon!

Perfectly chill Sunday noon. 😌

Brunch @ Hatched with the Yeap sisters before workshop.

Both of them having perfectly mastered the art of trolling me on IG. #truetalent lol.

Surprisingly empty for Sunday morning. Maybe because rain?

My wish came true by the way. Haha. Has been raining like mad these 2 days.

Super cute salt shaker with a half emerged bear!


Breakfast food! 🍳🍳🍳


Unless you like your rosti pale and soggy and non crispy and basically devoid of any taste.

Baked eggs which were nice. I like the tangy-ness of the tomatoes inside.

Philly's which I ordered – unexpectedly nice because it looked so normal when the dish was served.

Comes with beef chunks, capsicums, onions and cheese inside. Loveeee.

New plans coming up soon for TTR and Nakedglory!


Yoko finally dropped me these photos so I can finally Dayre about them.

Check out the super cute prints!! All these and all printed pretties are gonna be up on the website in a few minutes time. Don't say I never share!

I already have the pineapple (hurhur no surprise there) so I'm gonna kop the others this time round. Definitely the watermelon for summer!!

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