I think I'm losing my momentum to update Dayre.


Suddenly feel like there's a lot going on this week. So overwhelmed. Or maybe I just need to pen things down in my organiser so that I can think better and prioritise.

There's an upcoming event this week which I can't wait to share. Will do so when I receive more concrete details about it!

Still loving this pair of pants. 😍

Now up on backorders!!

And if you're not on our mailing list (WHY THO!!), you might have missed out a piece of very important information…

We're offering free normal postage (Singapore only) for every purchase made in June. For GSS!

Key in <FREESHIPJUNE> at cart out. You're welcome. Thank me later.


Got my hair done at Covo last week too! Always happy with how my hair turns out after I visit the salon.

Scrolled through my IG and realised that my last visit was before CNY.


Hahaha. It's not that my hair is low maintenance. It's just that sometimes I lazy. Until my hair really cmi already then I make sure I take time off my schedule to go visit my stylist.

And also trying to keep my hair long. If I don't go so often then I won't keep getting tempted to snip the locks off.

Smooth and shiny hair days are here to stay.

If you visit Covo, please also try their super treatment! Makes hair x10000 more manageable and non frizzy. It also solves my tangled woes. So far it's been almost a week and the after effects of treatment still shows.

I also want to try their new keratin treatment soon! This time round maybe not 4 months later. Hahaha.

43 Keong Saik Road
Tel – 6221 4585

I really like how my stylist always knows what suits me best. Recently recommended a friend to go to him and she likes what he did for her hair as well. His name is Yoshi so maybe you can request for him if he's available when you visit!

Covo does not charge extra for any stylist you request for, by the way.

And today's ootd of a gingham midi skirt which will be launched on Sunday.

It's actually an improvised version of the Good Vibes Midi Skirt which we launched some time back.


Check out the photobomber in the background! Hahaha.

Pockets ftw, forever and ever.

Also really love the super flare cutting!

Definitely calls for a swishy shot.

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