Pre-bedtime thought –

The small gestures are worth more than grand intentions.

Rise and shine!!


Bed seems to be extra comfortable today and I had trouble getting out. Preparing to head to the flea now!

See you if you're going to be there!

Took this photo when all was calm.

Hahaha. Once the doors opened, we were kept dizzy busy all the way. Which is really a good thing I guess!


Thank you if you came down and said hi or bought something from us!!

If you have not.. Still can come down! Hahah we'll be here till 8pm!

One of our best sellers at the flea is the fruity clutch.


Something which boys don't get because I saw a lot of bewildered eyes when girls ask for opinions.


Selling those chio shades too!

No time for proper food so we got these from fellow vendors.

Love the thai green milk tea! And the bottle. Hahaha.

We also tried and love the churros which came with the gula melaka dip. Hehe. 😋

Mayhem earlier.

If you come now it's not so crowded and more conducive for shopping.

Lai lai lai!

We also have a popular girl band at our booth to keep you entertained! Hahahahaha.

Featuring @clarayapweiwei and @jessaiee who wore the same top today. 😂😂😂

Stoning mode now on.

The only thing my brain can process right now is what to eat for dinner which is also my first proper meal of today.

Had a good day at the event today with the sisters and the team. 😌

Thank you to those who came down specially for us! We are feeling your love hehe. 🙆🏻

So.. We've just decided to be down at the event tomorrow as well!

Here're the highlights at our booths tomorrow…

First 100 shoppers at our booths (both TTR and preloved) will be given a 10% discount voucher to be used on your online purchases!

Which means that even if you spend only $5, you will also get the voucher if you're one of the first 100 to hit us up at our booth!

For the last 2 hours at the event (6-8pm), everything at our preloved booth will be going for only $5!!

Please help me clear more clothes. I want to faint at the thought of bringing back the leftover pieces and sorting them out. 😨

I still have 2 fresh luggages of clothes to clear so I'm sure you'll find something different to buy if you come down again.


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