Insomnia strikes again.

It's 3.16am and I've officially spent the past 2 hours rolling about in bed trying to fall asleep.

Guess it's going to be a longggg night and I'm going to be wandering around like a zombie in the day. 😑

Since I can't seem to sleep.. Dayre gets updated! ğŸŽ‰

Had BlackBall for dessert after dinner just now because the AMK outlet just opened today!

And very proud to say that my cousin is the owner of this new outlet. Hehe.

It was quite surprising because I didn't even know about it until yesterday? My mum told me that my cousin was going to open a "bubble tea shop" initially. Hahaha.

It is located very conveniently just right next to the interchange.

Show some support ok!!


First time trying the matcha balls and sesame balls. I likey!


Met @bbernice for Fat Cat before she left for her tw holiday. We had to travel from AMK all the way to Bedok but I would say it was a trip well made!

They have super intriguing flavours – thai green milk tea, sea salt matcha, butter beer, mango chilli tea (yes I didn't type wrongly!) and some others which I cannot remember.

Ran out of contact lens solution at home so here we have @jongsy in her geeky specs. Hehe.

I was about to order mocha when I noticed that they have sweet potato latte on the menu! Haha.

It came in a pretty shade of purple. Not sure if I would be ordering it again though. Hahaha. It didn't taste bad. Just maybe a little too milky for my liking!

Anddddd they have real legit butter beer unlike the fake one I had at USJ!! But it was too early for beer and we had to head back to work after that.

Alcohol, coherence and I don't go well together, apparently.

So I didn't get to try. Meh.

Wanted to try their lime mojito spheres but they didn't have that when we visited.

Tried their blackforest brandy spheres instead. Haha. It was quite interesting tasting and definitely not what I expected. I thought they looked more like ice cubes from the pictures people posted on IG. But turns out they were the kind with a jelly-ish surface and soft gooey centres which explode in your mouth when you try to take a bite.

Would not order this again but if there's lime mojito the next time I go, I would not mind trying!

And of course we ordered their charcoal waffles with salted egg yolk sauce (which comes at $1 per portion)!

Pleasantly surprised at how all the flavours mingle so well.

Our picks for the ice cream – sea salt matcha and butter beer!

Sea salt was not really distinctive but I still like the matcha. If I could only pick one flavour it would have been the butter beer though. Heh. Love that they have unique and weird sounding flavours which work out perfectly.

Definitely can see why this place has so many raves because I'll be back soon!!


Ok it's nearing 4am now and I can feel my eyelids getting droopy. Be back on Dayre soon!

Swear my waistline is disappearing because I've been indulging too much lately. And slacking on the workouts. 😩

This is my perfect kind of llao llao. Double portion of cookie butter sauce + white chocolate biscuits! But, #fatdieme.

Thai milk tea soft serve and charcoal vanilla soft serve on chocolate waffle from Cold Pantry!

This was average at best though. Didn't make a strong impression but if I'm ever in the area with a craving for ice cream, I wouldn't mind heading back.

I'm not exaggerating when I said I have been having a lot of ice cream lately. But hey, ice cream is never too much! Hahaha.

And Sunday Folks which was good, as always. One of the rare few places I've been going back to over and over again.

Tried the earl grey lavender but omg, tasted like hand soap! Or one of those car fragrances. Hahaha. Not my thing! ✋🏻

Pistachio is still my safe choice. Hehe. Poor Yoko had to finish the soapy earl grey lavender one herself since I was not too fond of it. LOL.

Lunch hour with the sissies! 😘😘😘

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