Photoshoots make me feel hungry.

Wish I was having some of this now.

Or this.

/hungry eyes in action

Ridiculously yummy pistachio panna cotta.


Somebody magic this in front of me right now please.

Finally get to use the new rage stickers.

Apparently my supplier has been in deep sleep for the past few weeks. So many hiccups with the upcoming designs that I just want to faint and not wake up till June is over wtf.



Haha this one's funny too!

But really…… Supplier needs to wake up her idea. My frustration level is at 1000000 right now.

Haven't had Mcdonald's for a longggg time but got minions so ok lor.

They super effort please. Hahah. Diy minion balloons!

Cuteeeee. Heh.

Forgot how much I love Mcs.

Also trying to forget how unhealthy this meal is. Hahaha.

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