On work trip but slacking in the hotel room in between activities right now…

Time for me to spam #ootds here. Haha. Been less hardworking in updating daily recently.


My favourite item from the launch this week goes to none other than the Off Duty Shirt Dress! πŸŽ‰ No surprises there because you know… Soft spot for any kind of shirts.

Some tops are easy to love and the Kelsy Spag Top is one of those.

The top would look really good with a pair of skinnies or shorts too!

Good for lazy days where you just want to waste less brain cells on putting an outfit together.

Sorry for the lack of words in this post. Trying to get all the pictures up before I dash off from the hotel and say bye bye to wifi.

Paired the Camden Boat Neck Top with the Absolute Summer Playsuit!

Blake Racerfront Dress is easily one of the most effortless items in my wardrobe together with the Blanc Swing Dress.

If you love Blanc, you need to own this!


So excited for the upcoming denim designs!


We've been on the hunt for a factory which does denim well. And finally it paid off. I had no idea but normal factories which does casual wear usually cannot handle denim designs. The previous denim factory we worked with was pretty sucky in terms of work ethics and product quality.

Extremely pleased with all the samples I tried on today, yayyyy.

Small victories like these make me happy. 😊

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