Spent today roaming around the aisles and showrooms in IKEA and Courts with @nakedglory for the upcoming space.

Pretty fruitful I would say!

Spotted some really nice pieces which would contribute to the whole industrial vibe we're going for. But so expensive omaigoddd. Whyyyy.

Maybe I should consider going into furniture instead. Hahaha.

I have a stronger inclination towards the furniture at Courts but IKEA is considerably cheaper.

Deliberating still because we still have 2-3 weeks before all the renovation is done.

Renovation was a major headache last week when we had to decide on flooring choices/wall colours (why got 8485849394726 shades of white one ah 😭)/ceiling materials/number of powerpoints/number of lighting points. But we're past that now and hopefully the work will get done quick and smooth.

Sneak peek of the new space!

Will share more about our plans for this space in time to come. After we more or less have the details firmed up.

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