Today is off to an awesome start with a workshop held in collaboration by Claude Bernard and Janice Wong!

Long day ahead with lots of work to be done but I'm sure it'll be a good one.


Watch disassembly and assembly sounds so easy.

But it's one of those things in life which sound a lot easier in theory than in real life.


Taking it apart was just slightly easier than having to put everything back though. My eyes almost went blind from having to fix the hour/minute/second hands back on. And it's just a Quartz watch.

Interesting experience though! Never knew that it was so challenging to dismantle and put back a watch.


Managed to put everything back without destroying it.

Also had the privilege of having the Janice Wong (owner of 2am dessert bar) to guide us through making a signature dessert dish from her menu. I really like how she's so friendly and down to earth. And how she actually made the effort to go around and talk to some of us.

She recently also appeared on Masterchef Australia. But I'm not too sure if the episodes are already out though.

We got to dabble around with liquid nitrogen today!

Loading up on fats after dinner!

Feels so good to just lie down and not have to do/think about anything after a long day.


Anyway, before it slips my mind..

Here's the Chocolate H2O dessert which I (kinda) made (with a ton of help from the chefs at 2am dessert bar) earlier today at the workshop!

Ain't the plate pretty? 😍

Chocolate water mousse, Yuzu sorbet, drizzled with salted caramel sauce over a bed of dark chocolate soil.

Dreaming of this tonight. Sweet dreams, definitely. 💭

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