Oh. And a package came for me during work today! Definitely a very pleasant and sweet surprise.

The colour reminds me of the minions.


The MegRhythm team is sweet as always, keeping me in their thoughts whenever they have something new in their product range!

I remember some of you telling me about the Yuzu scented eye masks which were not available in Singapore.

Well… Now they are!


Can't wait to try them out!

Word of the day – BUSY.

But strangely enough, I'm enjoying being kept busy. Being occupied and only having room to think about my tasks on hand can be quite therapeutic.

On a happy side note – it's Friyay!

Looking forward to dinner plans after I'm done being busy.

Such a good day ahead.


Brought the team out for lunch at Nene Chicken (what a horrible name) because Friday makes people feel like having junk food. Hahaha.

This @clarayapweiwei has been telling us how nice the fried chicken is. So we drove out to ONE KM Mall for lunch today since it is the nearest to us!

Their sweet and spicy is called Swicy.


No words. Why would anyone think that it's a good idea to combine words together to form a word which sounds so awful?!

The very brave Clara and Auds ordered their Freaking Hot chicken. πŸ”₯

According to Auds, this is merely 2.5/10 on her spicy chart. But for the rest of us, it's like a 8/10. Hahaha. I don't know what her tongue is made of.

Filled with regrets now because my dress today is not meant for eating fried chicken.

No, scratch that, it's not meant for eating at all.

There. The dress which made me regret eating any food at all today.

I do love the slimming effect which the side panels give though. Will give this dress another chance, maybe on a day where I don't have to eat so much. Hahaha.

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