Just paid taxes. Number one reason why adulthood sucks.


Finally a legit excuse to head back to Pince and Pints again – birthday celebration!


The best part was that there was no queue. The previous time I was there, I was told that the wait was 2 hours. Cannot fathom queuing for 2 hours for any food so my friends and I ended up at somewhere else instead.

Ordered the Live Whole Lobster because I was trying to cut down on carbs since I've been eating way too much lately.

Love the herbed butter sauce which comes with it!

Stole a bite of The Lobster Roll from @jongsy.

Calories from stolen food don't count.

Tasted just as good as the first time round when I had it!

The only difference being… The price of each dish is now $58++ instead of $48++.

Bill came up to $240+ for 3 pax including 3 pints of beer, so this is definitely a place I would save for special occasions and maybe when I'm feeling slightly rich. Hahaha.

Here's something which will make your day if you're a frequent user of taxi booking apps!

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Time to start booking your cabs home now!


Recently discovered the awesomeness of financiers.

Cakes make me happy. Even the destroyed looking ones. Hahaha.

Read an article shared on FB which came as a timely reminder and comfort.

"The biggest thing we need to stop doing is explaining our decisions to others in hopes of their support.

Explaining takes your power and gives it to the other person. The best decisions come when we listen to how we feel and our gut instinct. But these sources aren't usually well received in an explanation, so we make up an explanation the other person can relate to."

You alone are enough. You have nothing to prove.

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