Surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you.

One of the more awesome truffle fries around. From The Laneway Market!


Really got to thank the team behind this space. They are always feeding me with more food than I ordered. Super nice and hospitable of them!

Other than the truffle fries, I really like the Laneway Cuppa. Try it if you head there!

I have been on an eating spree lately. Which is both good and bad.

Good because food makes me happy. Bad because I need to keep my weight in check for the upcoming work trip in a week's time.

And also, I'm going to be travelling to Aussie and BKK after that. Which only just means more eating.

How like that??!!


Guess the gym shall be my second home for the next few days.

And there's always the hotel gym, too.

This is my life now.

Eat and eat and eat and eat some more.

Eating needs to stop.

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