That immense joy and excitement at seeing something come together out of nothingness.

I'm not one who likes it when things fall into a routine so we try to push out of our comfort zones every year by doing something different or something better.

Each milestone reminds me that there is always something bigger out there to be achieved.

Heading for a work trip this weekend and am going to make it as productive as I can. Heavier load on our shoulders now with the new space but at the same time, it shall push us further and faster.

Didn't have the best week so far but it feels oddly liberating at the same time.

Thank you for the comments on my previous post. Also received a couple of comforting emails from you lovely souls. Am so very thankful.

Some items upcoming on TTR this weekend!

Wanted to pair this double tiered spag top with a pair of casual denim shorts because it was the first combination which came to mind but I was heading out after work so I thought pairing it with a skirt would work better instead.

My favourite kind of outfit lately because the weather is out to kill.

So. Freaking. Hot. Every. Single. Day.

And the stocks for this asymmetrical skirt which I wore a couple of months back is finally hereeee 🎉🎉🎉

Always excited to see the samples translate into final products.

I wonder when this phase for black and white outfits is going to end.


So into neutrals nowadays that I'm starting to get a bit of mental block when I'm styling the other colours for photoshoot. Y LIDDIS.

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