Just found out that our GrabTaxi discount codes are fully redeemed for! šŸŽ‰šŸŽ‰šŸŽ‰

Contacted the Grab team and got them to provide us with more codes.

<TTRREWARDS> for $15 off your first ride and <TTRTREATS> for $3 off subsequent rides! Valid for both GrabTaxi and GrabCar!

Missed out on uploading this outfit on Dayre!

Taken at the new space before @nakedglory loads it up with her crap. Hahahaha. Can't blame me for this preconceived notion….. You would say the same if you had seen the state of her room.

Love the concrete looking laminate that we picked for the flooring! Made me regretted not doing any for my current office space. We wanted to save money so we went for a clear layer of epoxy paint, which turned out nothing like I imagined. LOL.

Sonata Blouse up on the website! Really like the nautical vibes of this piece. āš“ļø

Received this lasso bracelet in the mail last week. I like how this added an instant edge to my otherwise basic outfit.

From justtangy.com!

Brought in sunnies for TTR a while back but haven't gotten down to doing up the visuals. Possibly launching some of them this weekend!

Need to get so much work out of the way this week. Sigh.


And it's only Monday.

Thinking of putting off my plan to hit the gym later but then I recalled the amount of food I ingested over the past few weeks….. HOW.

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