So excited seeing everything come together bit by bit.

Am flying off for a vacation end of this month so hopefully everything can settle down by then.

I'm having trouble visualizing which bits of furniture go where though.

Also need to find out where I can get a changing room rod, decide how I want to do up my storage for my photoshoot shoes and accessories, what other decor items I want to buy, how to get my studio backdrop set up and when exactly to shift everything in.

I also need to…

Squeeze in as many shoots as humanly possible can so that we have collections to launch even when I'm away, finish editing all the product pictures in time, clear all my backlog for the blog, finalize all logos for the new product lines and approve the sample tags and also decide on what changes to make for the website.

This is called being too ambitious. Haha. But I also have faith in my ability to work efficiently under time pressure because I'm such a procrastinator.

Saw something funny which I just have to share….

I don't know how this driver managed to pass his/her driving test. But the parking is beyond horrendous.

Or maybe he/she was in a rush for time? Still. No excuse for poor parking skills. Hahaha.

But anyway… Someone left a note on the windscreen.



Looking at storage options because we have a space under the staircase which we don't want to waste.

So many options it's making my head spinnnn.

Maybe something simple like this to store my photoshoot shoes?


I feel so cheated wtf.

Went to get my screen protector replaced because I wanted a matte one so that I can break some stupid high score for a game which the TTR girls are hardcore playing right now. IKR, I'm clearly crazy.

But anyway. The main point was that I went to this random shop and asked for a matte protector. The uncle convinced me that errrbody is using the tempered glass protector now. And that it is blah blah new and improved blah no fingerprints blah blah. And just $15.

So ok, me being me, obviously I got convinced la.

Then! After he pasted it on I realized that there's this silver rim around the protector. And I was like…….. WHY. Regret x 10000000 after I walked away ok.

The best part is. Still can see fingerprints.


That uncle is a con man ok. False advertising to the max. Ok brb I need to go stab someone now.

Here's sharing my #ootd before Dayre refreshes itself to a new day!

I'm obsessed with tops/dresses/rompers which come with this neckline. OBSESSED.

Picked green this time round over the usual white/black because I'm trying to break my habit.

Culottes jumpsuit coming up on TTR this Sunday!


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