Updates on our Magic Touch Scoreboard.

So this is what obsession feels like. LOL. #achievementunlocked #fingercramp #butcannotstopplaying

Incompetency makes me angry.

How can something so simple take so many tries?

Dealing with incompetent people drains my energy more than anything else. Ugh.

Anywayyy the pictures for the sunnies are finally done thanks to @nakedglory!! Hehe. So chio please.

This is the pair featured in our shoot from yesterday!

Catch them this Sunday at 8pm! πŸŽ‰

We'll also be launching some catch-alls for you to nest your favourite accessories in, along with the apparels and sunnies this week. Can't wait for Yoko to drop the pictures so that I can show you! Really super gorgeous heheh.

And here are the catch-alls/accessory dishes which will be launched, as promised!

All so pretty idk which to keep for myself.


If I really had to pick one though, it would be this! Love the sea green hue.

The markings on this one are lovely too!

Made time for lunch with the TTR girls today and we decided on this cafe/bistro called Saturday House along Upper Paya Lebar Road.

Just a 5 minute drive from the office, super accessible!

First we eat. Then we do everything else.

That's a good mantra to live by. Hahah.

Ordered sides to share.

This is the Bacon Cheese Mushrooms! I love most kinds of mushrooms so I'm already biased towards this dish just based on the name. Lol.

Marmite Honey Wings.

Way better than the ones I had at Relish a while ago. The marmite taste was not too overpowering, which is good because it's quite an acquired taste. Could have been slightly crispier though!

Carbonara, which was @jongsy's!

Grilled Pork Collar which Yoko and I both ordered.

I liked it enough because it was nicely grilled, rather tender at some parts and seasoned to my liking… But they could have rendered the fats better. The outer parts were also slightly dried out but overall a nice dish!

Saturday House

339 Upper Paya Lebar Road

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