Monday started sleepy. And it's going to stay sleepy till I crash into bed tonight.

Had a really good and happy weekend though! A bit too heavy on the feasting but it's all good. In a way. But not good for my waist. And hips. And face. And everywhere.


Yay to upcoming trip but nay to having SO MUCH WORK to clear before I finally fly.

Feeling a little uncomfortable with being away for so long though. Utmost faith in my team when it comes to holding the fort but you know sometimes it's just difficult to cast unfounded worries aside. Hahaha.

By the way, any recommendations for must-visit places in Brisbane/Gold Coast/Sydney?


Rolls of bubble wrap which are half the size of @jongsy. 👏🏻

#bubblewraptherapy anyone?

Thank you for all the suggestions everyone!!

Will make a compilation of these places and see which of them are along the way for me to visit. Looking forward to spam travel pictures here, whee!

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