This is me today.

I just have this immediate headache whenever I think about packing my luggage.

On top of that, I need to go get my money changed into Aussie dollars, finish up a photoshoot, upload lookbook images onto the website and decide on some urgent work matters in between my brunch and dinner meetups. Zipping all over the place today.

So exhausted just thinking about all these.

If only life comes with a fast forward button. Hahaha.

Anyway, we'll be launching a new series under our label this weekend.

STITCH by TTR is our new product line which focuses on denim, which is one of my favourite materials to wear. It just gives outfits this ruggedness and makes dressing down an effortless affair.


The first item to be launched under the new series will be this classic pair of ripped boyfriend jeans.

The relaxed slouchy fit, rugged ripped design makes this the perfect pair in any wardrobe.

A million and one ways to wear this. 💭

Comes in sizes 24-28!

Remember to catch our launch this Sunday! 👋🏻

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