Just finished stuffing 848693947 things into my luggage and half my energy is gone already.

The travel essentials are easy – most of them are still unpacked from my previous trip. Hahaha. I usually leave them inside since I fly every month for work. šŸ˜¬

But the outfits!

Out of the hour I took to pack, close to 45 minutes was spent deciding what clothes to bring. And now I'm still thinking if I need to bring more. Tsk.

I wrote a checklist for easy packing. And also to make sure I don't miss out any important things.

But I realized that the more I pack, the more things I add to the list.

I can never be one of those who travels light and can live with a backpack with just the bare necessities. Damn ę½‡ę“’. I cannot. I feel so insecure without my belongings.

If I do backpacking…… I will just lug my huge luggage around. Which entirely defeats the purpose of backpacking. Hahaha.

But anyway!!

Mission packing accomplished!!



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