Landed in +61 and immediately got myself connected to the virtual world thanks to this wifi device kindly sponsored by Changi Recommends. #bestinventionever

Collected this at the T3 counter before my flight and it was such a fuss free process!

One thing that I cannot live without on my travels is definitely connectivity. I think @nakedglory is a witness to that. Hahahaha.

Weather report – 14 degrees with clear blue skies and warm sunlight!

Nice change from the horrible weather we've been having in Singapore. 😌 I'm definitely being annoying right now. Hahaha.

Brb need a nap.

Hotel lobby lounge!

We're staying at Punthill Brisbane Hotel for the next few days.

The room is big and way more spacious than I expected (because I forgot entirely how the room looked like from the online pictures when we booked it, ha ha).

Can't remember how much we paid for the room but it was probably just slightly over $100 per night.

Has a living area + balcony as well!

Not like we're going to be doing any cooking but it feels nice anyhow. Haha.

The sky I'm seeing at 6.30pm Aussie time.


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