Uber-ing everywhere in the world. We were about to head for brunch and after much deliberation picked a place which is not THAT near to our apartment.

It was a choice between a 6 min Uber ride and a 22 minutes walk and our tummies picked Uber.


If you have yet to try Uber, you can download the app and use my code <joyceh114> for $10 off your first ride!

Most of the time I go for UberX because it's easier to get than normal Uber taxis. And the drivers are always polite and nice!

Travel partner for this trip! 🙆🏻

Can't do without our morning coffee.

A perfect afternoon of warm sun, light breezes, endless blue skies and water, lively chatter, people lying around on grass patches, and walking along the pier and around their local craft market.

Caught the free ferry City Hopper from Eagle Street Pier.

It arrives every 30 minutes but the wait was alright. We probably arrived at a good time.


Yum in my tum.

The skies here are always so pretty during sunsets, they remind me of cotton candy.

Loving my time in Brisbane so far. Shops close really early though! Most places are closed by 7pm, even their supermarkets.

So we're now at Fortitude Valley with drinks and finger food because we refuse to stay at the apartment for the rest of the night.

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