This morning's breakfast.

We damn act one healthy. LOL. Been stuffing our faces for the past few days so we decided that today will be an active day with healthy-ish meals.

The best part of our accommodation is the view.


Imagine having breakfast while staring at this sunrise.

Anyway, we're going hiking later…… Haven't hiked in my life before so I hope I survive the climb. LOL.

Ok talk to you later!


Random buy from Coles! Gonna lug so many boxes of granola back because packaging damn chio and all the descriptions sound tempting. My luggage is already exploding. How, like that??!

Yoghurt's pretty nice too!

Can't believe I'm going hiking. Almost going to reach the foot of Mount Tamborine now, just stopping by a random cafe to grab our morning cuppa.

Only managed a short hike because we were rushing to get to Dreamworld.

I wouldn't mind going for a longer hike though, Dreamworld was so horribly underwhelming…. 😪 Should have skipped it entirely.

Paid AUD$100 for the entrance fee and none of the rides were thrilling at all?!

Left Dreamworld after 2 short hours and headed to Harbour Town for an uneventful shopping session.

All the shops here close so early. 5.30pm and we were being chased out already. Meh.

Dinner at the apartment today! Bought the groceries from Woolworths. We're practically at the supermarkets every single day la. Hahaha. Spending all our moolahs on food, food and more food.

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