So tough to roll myself out of bed every morning. The weather just makes me want to hide under the duvet forever and ever and ever.

I concur.

Back at the airport waiting to collect the rental car.

It's only been 2 days but our luggages are already filled to the brim. Have absolutely no idea how I'm going to bring everything back home with me. Another luggage maybe?

The quick breakfast we grabbed before catching the shuttle bus to the airport.

Their takeout boxes are so cute!

Survived the drive the Gold Coast and we're here safe and sound!


Gold Coast is just a short drive of an hour or so from Brisbane. Didn't feel that it was THAT long because my eyes were busy taking in the beautiful scenery and blue skies along the way.

Surfers Paradise!

View from our apartment. Which is awesome other than the view because it comes completed with a living area, 2 bedrooms and a kitchen equipped with basic utensils and crockery!

And we're making some kale chips right nao. Hahaha. Bought kale randomly because it is so cheap here compared to SG. And I told Lili that we could try baking some since there's an oven in the apartment.

Let's see how they turn out!

To make your own kale chips:

– Separate the leaves from stems and break them into pieces. Wash thoroughly.

– Dry them completely before drizzling some olive oil over them. Toss them and make sure most leaves are covered lightly with olive oil.

– Put them on a baking tray making sure that they're properly spaced out, so that each piece gets baked evenly.

– Sprinkle seasoning to your liking. Salt and pepper is fine but we had a Roast Vegetables seasoning so we used that.

– Pop them into an oven which has been preheated for 20 minutes at 170 deg C. Bake for 15-20 minutes till edges are slightly browned.

– Cool on tray for a minute before serving!

Let me tell you first, you won't be able to stop once you start munching on these.


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