At the skydiving centre now. Can't believe I'm going to hurl myself off a plane.

HAHAHA. Finally found a use for this sticker.

Skydiving was an unbelievable experience. More on that later! We're now continuing our road trip. 200km drive to Coffs Harbour, hopefully in time for sunset!

Finally at Coffs Harbour after an arduous drive of close to 3 hours.

How are the skies so pretty every single day??!

Target is awesomeeee. It's like a combination of Typo, IKEA and Marks and Spencer.

The best part of today is our airbnb accommodation.

The sweetest hosts and the most gorgeous house made our 7 hour drive from Gold Coast a less tedious one.


I'm sleeping so early every night it's almost unbelievable. It's 9pm in Singapore but it's already 11pm here in Australia and I'm dozing off already. Makes me feel like an old person. Haha.

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