This is what happens when your airbnb host is an interior decorator and is super duper sweet to you.

Breakfast set up is so pretty it makes everything taste x10000 better.


Had homemade wholemeal toast too!!

Stopped by the beach at Port Macquarie on our way to Port Stephens and it's so pretty. I like it even more than the one at Byron Bay because we could see the entire shoreline from a higher viewpoint.

So much blue and green everywhere and my eyes were busy taking in all that beauty nature has to offer.

Some photos from our road trip today from Port Macquarie to Sydney.

Sand dunes at Port Stephens.

Some 800km later, we finally arrived at Sydney. After lots of detours and lost moments at Port Stephens. Such an arduous journey but we made it in time!


It is much, much more chilly in Sydney compared to Brisbane.

We had to wrap up and pile on as much clothes as we possibly can without looking like overstuffed dumplings before we head out to the streets. Hahaha.

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