Time to do something about the hair.

Thinking about snipping a few inches off and putting some highlights in. Hmm.

#decisions #firstworldproblems

Love visits to COVO because I never fail to feel absolutely pampered and I never have to worry about my hair turn out looking bad.

LOL how's dis for a new look. Pink aluminium foils as hair accessories?

Had to do bleaching on some sections to get the highlights I want. Was just the teeniest bit nervous because I have never bleached my hair in my entire life. Wasn't sure how it would react to such a strong chemical.

Love how I always walk out of the salon feeling like brand new. ✨

I'm so lazy that my hair is always in an incredible mess before I finally decide to drag myself to the salon. Hahaha.

New hair length + new hair colour + highlights!

The highlights are not as blonde as I would like them to be, but Yoshi promised me he'll give me lighter ones the next visit! Haha.

I always fail at convincing him to let me go lighter (because my hair texture is not ideal for bleaching) so I guess highlights are a middle ground for us both.


Always happy after my visit to Covo because Yoshi knows exactly what kind of magic to work on my tresses.

43 Keong Saik Road
TEL 62214585

So blessed. Really cannot be anymore thankful for all that I have in my life and the many lovely people around me. Some days I wonder what I have done to deserve so much love. My heart is so full and filled every single day.

And this year, all my cakes come in speculoos/cookie butter flavour.

This one is baked with love by Auds!

And this special delivery (another surprise!) is from the most lovely @thankgodforpink – lady boss of the very popular bake shop My Sister Bakes.


Swear I'm expanding horizontally by the day. So spoilt by all the feasting and the cakes for the past week. Plus the holiday weight which I haven't got the chance to shed. Oh god.

I don't think 10 hot yoga sessions can even begin to cover all the food I've eaten.


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