Did a mini shoot earlier this week to showcase some lovely cards we're gonna be launching on site later.

Also, more sunnies coming your way tonight!

(Wtf autocorrect changed "sunnies" into "aunties". Good thing I noticed.)

Spent a nice leisurely noon with @jongsy over croissants, mille-feuille, coffee and random talks about things going on in our lives.

We see each other almost every day for more than 12 hours (lol mega overdose) but it's not always that we get to sit down and talk without having work getting in the way.


Also picked the little sissy up for lunch last Friday because I miss her face and having her around the house ever since she moved into hall. 😩

Had salads at The Lawn and they were nice! Garlic prawns were damn yummeh please. If only the parking at Biopolis wasn't such a bitch.

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