Can't wait to see youuuu πŸ™†πŸ» @jazreeltan

Forcing my friends to take me out for meals before I disappear for a bit this month.

Dinner at Saveur Art last night was slightly disappointing given the price we paid for the food. But then again, food takes a backseat when the conversation is good.

Is it really 3 September already? Where did all the time go?? Before we know it this year would have ended.


Or as @nakedglory puts it – 🐳🐳🐳

After a couple of failed trips to places which were fully booked for lunch, we ended up at House at Dempsey.

We really should learn how to make reservations next time. Haha.

Ever thankful for friends who have my back and heart.

Was a good lunch spent catching up. A catch up which was long overdue.


@jazreeltan πŸ’•πŸ™†πŸ»

Side note: I don't know how my body is still even functioning with just 6 hours of interrupted sleep over the past 2 days. And I don't even feel sleepy at all. Maybe coffee really works.

Embarking on a new nightly project to write down 3 things I'm thankful for each day with the gift from Jaz.

Comes with a really sweet note from my sweet friend too.

I'm a lucky human being.


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