NYC in approximately 4 days.

It's a mix of anticipation and trepidation because it was booked on a whim and it is going to be my very first solo trip.

The worries didn't exactly set in until the people around me started going "HUH WHY YOU WANT TO TRAVEL ALONE??" "Eh. Very dangerous leh. Are you sure??" "Don't go alone please, find some friends to go with you!"

Now I'm very slightly apprehensive. Hahaha.

My lack of solo travelling experience coupled with my complete non existent sense of direction is not helping to ease their worries.

But I'm pretty independent and I'm certain I can figure out the directions when I only have myself (and google maps) to depend on.


Yay, NYC!

I'm coming for you.

People long to travel because it allows them an escape from their default surroundings and respite from the humdrum of every day life.

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