Since @clarayapweiwei requested for an update…


Don't worry, I'm still alive.


Here's a photo of my lovely airbnb apartment. Everything is awesome except they don't have a hairdryer and I had to lug 20+kg of luggage up 9 flight of stairs. Lol.

I'm out wandering the streets of NYC now and… So far, so good. It's only been an hour plus since I left the apartment though. Haha. Let's hope this keeps up.

First, breakfast!

Yummy avotoast and coffee which kickstarted my day of wandering!

Sorry ah. It's my first couple of days so I'm enthralled by the buildings and the fire escapes still.


Spent the first half of my day wandering about Bedford Avenue.

Wanted to walk across the Williamsburg Bridge but the sun was so strong that I dismissed my idea after 20 steps up the bridge. Hahaha.


I feel slightly cheated, by the way.

I thought the weather was going to be all cooling and breezy. BUT NOPE. It is so freaking hot today. I totally regretted my choice of pullover + jeans.

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