Jetlag is killing me.

Jetlagging for the past few days and it's no joke.

So exhausted and I'm feeling stoned for most parts of today. But it's always good to get in a productive work day even though it's Sunday. The entire office building is eerily quiet (even the central air conditioning is off) but at the same time the emptiness makes it pretty soothing for work.

Maybe I should make it a permanent working day. Hahaha.

Side note – the toilet sink area is done up so nicely!! Loveeee.

Also feeling exceptionally inspired today so the product shots turned out decent if I may say so myself. Lol.

Look out for a new feature coming your way on TTR's Insider column soon! It's under the blog section if you haven't heard. Gonna try our best to churn out new content every week or so. Stay tuned!!

That's the Mcnally Camisole which will be launched tonight at 8pm by the way. Heh.

Before I knock out for good, here's my #ootd of the Wythe Pullover in White! You can't really see the texture of the top here but it adds a really unique touch in real life, making it your not so ordinary pullover. 😉

Perfect weekend wear.


Can never get enough of shirts that come in a nice loose fit. Heh.

Delancey Boyfriend Shirt in Red! Brought it with me to NYC.

Before you ask me who took this shot for me…

SELF TIMER. Balanced the camera precariously on a tissue box on the bed. Lol. Woes of traveling solo.

And the Myrtle Sleeveless Coat! Forgot which memory card I used so I'm only left with one photo of it on my phone which doesn't show the entire outfit. Hahaha.


All these items have just been launched earlier tonight. Go check them out! ✌🏻️

Sorry! Scatterbrain here left out the Sullivan Parka. So here it is!

Ahhhh. Scrolling through my NYC photos is making me miss the weather there.


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