Good Vibes Only

Saw this series of drawings on Facebook which started my day on a good note.

Sharing them here hoping that they do the same for you!

Also, it feels really awesome to start my day early as opposed to waking up in panic worrying that I'm going to be late for whatever it is that is waiting for me to get to.

Wore my favourite dressy top out yesterday!

It's one of those tops which I throw on knowing that I don't have to fuss too much about the accessorizing. It looks good enough on its own. ☺️

Side note, the haze looks reallyyy bad today. Wanted to do an outdoor shoot but I think my photos will come out with an extra layer of filter called "dreamy". Lol.

No time for a sit-down-lunch today so this will suffice for now.

Shared some post trip thoughts on the blog –!

Shoot went swimmingly today despite having to shift it indoors instead of doing it outdoors as planned initially.

Got some great images, can't wait to edit and share them on site!

Found these cute miniature pineapple wands in the fridge thanks to Val who bought all kinds of plants to spruce up the office! Hahaha. Am very tickled by these. Damn cute can?!

Today's outfit features florals, something which you girls haven't been seeing on TTR for some time.

It's not easy to find nice florals and so we have been putting it off until we found a couple of really pretty ones last work trip!

I've been wearing separates the longest time and have forgotten how fuss free it is to throw on a one piece. Was torn between the prints (we have 3 for this design!). Kept two prints but I obviously only have one body so I wore the white one out first. Hahaha.

Love dem florals.


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