Time to get something done to my hair again.

It's getting so unruly I cannot.

More blond highlights this time round maybe? Going to snip off a few inches (idk why but my hair grows at a magical rate) because it's easier to maintain it that way. No longer dread preparing to head out because no need to spend so much time curling the hair. Hahaha.

Starting my day on a good note because I'm meeting @jazreeltan for lunch! Wheeee. 😘

It's been long since I wore anything bright coloured. I stared at the top for a good minute before picking it over black.

I remember a time when I used to love wearing yellow. Almost every single design we made for TTR came in some shade of yellow.

Daffodil, Sunshine, Mustard, Pale Yellow.

You name it we have it.

Maybe we should bring back some more colours? What kind of colours would you want to see?

Colourful doors are a convenient backdrop for OOTDs for sure. Hahaha.

Was looking at my iCal and realization suddenly hit me.

It's 1st of October today. Where the hell did September go???

October is here and it's scary how much time we have left to make the best out of 2015.

Shall not lament too much though, need to start hustling and bustling! 💪🏻

Stole this photo from @jazreeltan because it's so much clearer than the one I took using my phone. Hahaha.

Lunch at The Burning Oak was awesome. The iberico pork cheeks are to die for.

Since when did Bedok become so hip?? We went to this place called Bedok Marketplace, which is essentially a hawker centre revamped into a super hipster eating place. The stalls all look so good that I had trouble reconciling it with the fact that we were right smack in the middle of a neighbourhood place.

The drinks stall.

Cannot believe that it's a hawker centre right?


Hipster looking western food stall.

And they also have a vintage beetle placed in a random corner. For making the entire place Instagram-worthy I think? Hahahaha.

If you're interested, this un-hawker-like hawker centre (or should I say marketplace LOL) is at 348 Bedok Road.

Not all the stalls are opened already though, I think this place was just done up not too long ago!

Today's dress makes me feel like a beach vacation.

Bali needs to happen soon.


My wardrobe always has space for long, flowy dresses like this.

I'm sure @jongsy would disagree on that point though.


Love the dip back design. It has a way of making the arms appear skinnier than they really are. #reallifephotoshop

Dresses like these are perfect for the beach. And also. When you want to binge eat like the world is ending tomorrow. Hahaha.

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