Wait… What?!

I suppose this is how everyone starts their posts on the day they realise that they are Editor's Pick.

But I just woke up to a barrage of new followers notifications and didn't know what was going on until I saw the comments left by some of you.

Hello there if you're new to my Dayre! Just let me get over the shock before I post anything else? This is all too exciting for a Monday morning.

Ok, so now that I am fully awake and fed.

Hello! Most people know me as the girl who owns an online store called The Tinsel Rack. On IG, I'm @joycesayshello.

Here, let me do some blatant self advertising by giving you the url – http://www.thetinselrack.com. We have new arrivals every Sunday at 8pm! Ok, self advertising shall stop here. Hahaha.

It's been a good almost 6 years of being in this competitive but at the same time highly stimulating and appealing (well at least to me) industry.

Most days, I'm thankful that I'm not in this alone. The stress and challenges of the job can really get to you sometimes.

I run TTR (yes it's TTR, not TSR or TRR) with my sister @jongsy and a team of extremely dependable and efficient individuals which I can trust with even my life. I never have to worry about whether things at work are getting done or not because each of them are so good and responsible when it comes to work.


Welcome to my Dayre!

(I really adore this set of cactus sticker by the way. Hahaha.)

It's a long and crazily packed day ahead so I'm going to post intermittently whenever I can, ok?

Talk to you later!

What do I post about?

My posts don't usually start with a topic in mind. They are usually all over the place. Hahaha. Except for a specific few.

Just scrolled through my posts and realized that I've been on Dayre since 2 years back.

I post about my daily musings, random happenings (some angst ridden), personal thoughts/things that I'm going through, photos from vacations, and of course, milestones of TTR.

A lot of it is about work but at the same time, it's work that doesn't really feel like work. When you're doing something of your own, work and personal boundaries overlap to a very large extent.

But at the end of the day, I'm really blessed to be working at something I love. It does get tough even then, but most days I go to work a happy person.

I did a post filed under the hashtag #theTTRstory a while back. Day 119 if you prefer to scroll through the Dayre calendar.

You can read this post to know a bit more about TTR!

This Editor's Pick thing has officially succeeded in making me feel pressured to create more posts under the hashtag. LOL.

At IKEA right now because I felt like the current TTR office could do with some sprucing up. And we had to get mirrors and curtains for the new space too.

It's like my new favourite hangout nowadays. Wtf I have no life.

What I always look forward to whenever I go to IKEA is the food though. I'm not the only one right??? I love love love the meatballs and hotdog bun!

It gets tedious when you keep having to make trips down to get stuff which you missed out previously or haven't thought you needed. But the thinking about their food makes everything better.



But hello, newly revamped chio(er) office space. So excited to put everything in their place.

Brought the TTR girls out to lunch at The Tuckshop earlier. It's one of those places which we always drive past but never did get to try out.

Plus point because it's like a short 10 minute drive from our office!

Super chill place with plenty of seats.

I think it can get pretty crowded after work hours though, because it's more of a beer bar.

The good thing about working at TTR is that we always get seats and don't have to queue during lunch due to our super odd lunch hour. LOL.

Menu had a good variety and some items sound interesting.

Some of the drinks which sound intriguing – Bandung Latte, Kaya Butter Kopi, Chilli Chocolate Mocha.

I think they have different menus for weekends/PHs/dinner. Gonna return to this place again some time soon!

I really really liked the Tuckshop Carrot Cake! The dried shrimp chilli and shallots make this dish damn awesomeeee.

Ordered this to share amongst 5 of us and it makes a good appetizer.

One more picture because it is THAT good.

Ordered the cold soba noodles with garlic prawns together with @jongsy. I see her for so many hours every day that even our tastebuds are starting to be similar.

Not too filling and comes with a sizable portion of greens, which is good for ladies. And soba is supposed to be somewhat healthy too, right?

Prawn linguine which Auds and @nakedglory ordered!

I didn't try this so let me ask them how this fared.

"Not bad, not fabulous either. A bit oily."

Hahahaha. Ok. So that's the prawn linguine for you.

This was what @clarayapweiwei ordered.

Chicken Chop Gnocchi! I thought the seasoning was quite on point for this dish. Would order it myself if I felt like eating something carb-y. Heh.

The best part about eating with your friends is that you get to steal their food and sample a variety of dishes instead of just one. Which was the part that really got to me when I was traveling solo in NYC.

The Kaya Butter Kopi was somewhat interesting but I thought the kaya butter part wasn't super obvious. Or maybe I was too distracted by the carrot cake to taste it properly.

Still, it was a good cup of coffee.

Currently trying to pick out some of my past posts which are slightly more interesting and which gives you more insight about me and what I do.

I don't usually write with an audience in mind so those posts are few and far between.


Ok let's see.

There's a post on Day 219 about the 5 things I've learnt in my 25.

I also like the post on Day 242. It's just a few entries back so you can scroll if you're interested to take a look!

And on Day 7, I did a compilation of my top 20 favourite outfits from year 2014. Even I forgot that I did this post before. Hahaha.

Oh, and the banana bread I made yesterday tasted superb, by the way. I posted the recipe in the last post. If you're into baking or bananas, TRY IT. You won't regret.

Also, here's a warning that I post about the most random shit.

Random screenshots of whatsapp conversations, interesting recipes which I've tried out and whatnot. Oh, and yes not forgetting OOTDs.

I would also say that because of the nature of my job and because of my gender (obviously), most of my posts are going to be more relatable to the ladies.

Sorry if you're a guy and you just followed me. But at least you can amass more knowledge about this industry and impress the your other halves with what you managed to "learn"?

In a way. I suppose. Hahaha.

So anyway. Shopping for the office lately also means I get to do some personal shopping as well.

I'm quite the shopaholic, if you must know. I have the uncanny ability to shop anywhere and everywhere.

Added a scented candle and perfumed diffuser to my bedside table! It's a mini corner which I get to call my own because I share the rest of the room with the sisters.

Smells kinda like Ion Orchard. One of my favourite smells in the world. Hahaha.


Maybe you guys can help me out with something. What would you like to read about other than TTR?

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