Suitcase Life

Was tidying my NYC photos so that I can start blogging about my trip and I decided to print one out to hang in my room.

Narrowed my selection down to these 3 after much deliberation.

Guiseeee, some help please?

1. Empire State Building

This was taken from the top of the Rockefeller Center. My favourite view of all 360 degrees, because you get such unobstructed view of the Empire State Building.


I remember standing in this exact spot for a few good minutes just taking in the view until I felt the impatience of other tourists standing behind me wanting to have a go at capturing this shot. Hahaha.

2. Overview of NYC

Taken from the top of the Empire State Building!

I much prefer the view over at Rockefeller Centre, plus the queue time was much shorter.

I barely made it to the top to catch this photo before the darkness descends, just a few minutes before the sun set because I grossly underestimated the number of tourists clamouring to get to the top at the same time as me. Lol.

3. Manhattan Bridge

I didn't actually get to cross the Manhattan Bridge at all because the areas that I stayed at were more accessible via the Brooklyn Bridge and the Williamsburg Bridge.

Captured this while walking across Brooklyn Bridge at sunset.


Which one to print?

Busy October ahead because I'm travelling all over the place. The good kind of busy.

Thank you all for helping me decide which photo to print!

At a glance it looks like a tie between 1 and 3 but I'm gonna count them proper later, right before I head to the print shop. Hahaha.

Exciting day at work because of our newly acquired Dolce Gusto!!


Slowly building up a pantry area for the office because food makes a happy workplace. Yay.

And this makes me a very happy person.

Thank youuuuu @nakedglory! 😘🍍

I've never actually experienced the phrase "living out of a suitcase" although I travel every month for work.

But this month, this phrase will ring true for me. My luggage from NYC is still partially unpacked, by the way. I see no point in unpacking my luggage until the the next trip comes around. Hahaha.

On this month's travel calendar – China, South Africa then Thailand.

2/3 trips are for work but still, any excuse to get out of the country. I will only be in SG for a little more than a week.


Decided to print both 1 and 3 in the end!

One shall be in my room while the other can go up on the walls of TTR's office.


And here is today's #ootd!

Love this knit top because we finally FINALLY managed to find a knit material which is soft enough (I have super sensitive skin and some knit makes me itch all over) and thin but doesn't go out of shape easily for Singapore's weather.

Our efforts to hunt this awesome knit material down finally paid off, so yay!

Now we can wear knit and pretend that heat and humidity don't exist in Singapore. Hahaha.

Love this so much that I'm hoarding all colours!

Coming right up this Sunday at 8pm!


So much love.

Comes in heather grey and dark grey as well! Come to think of it, I regret not manufacturing this in more colours. Lol. Maybe next batch?

What colours would you wear for this top?

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