The Journey

It's so tempting to just lie in bed and snooze all day like this little cloud puff right here.


One of the challenges that you face when you are your own boss – getting yourself out of bed every single morning.

It sounds frivolous but it's the truth. Lol. Especially for someone like me who has insomnia and sleeps at 3, 4am every day. It's a tough task to wake me up in the mornings… Just ask @jongsy.

Imagine you don't have anyone to report to at work. And your bed is super comfortable. I used to be HORRIBLE at this.

But this year, I'm proud to say that I've made vast improvements when it comes to the timing I wake up at.

Lesser sleep but more work gets done.

I'll be posting more on #theTTRstory today in between work!

Gonna be a wordy post ahead so let's go!

Had thoughts flood my mind during my 7 hour transit to NYC in the DXB airport.

I was probably in a pensive mood given the odd hours of the transit.

I find that my mind fills itself with more thoughts than usual when I'm left to cope with boredom. Haha. And so, I drafted this post after letting my thoughts settle into some form of coherence.

I was meant to be doing a series of posts for #theTTRstory but I guess life (and many other things) got in the way.

But anyway. Here goes again. Five months later, my second attempt at allowing you a better glimpse of what TTR is about.

This post doesn't really go into the details of what makes up the business, but of my personal takeaways from the journey of running the business so far.

You would never feel more in control of your own life. It is liberating yet thoroughly nerve-wrecking at the same time.

Every step you take would be based on a blend of careful researching, analysing, number crunching, talking to industry players and a healthy dash of gut instinct.

I like gut instinct. It helps me decide when I'm treading on middle ground. The grey areas.

I would always advice people to go with what their guts tell them.

Unless they have been proven wrong time and again that they make bad life decisions with their instincts as guidance.

Plotting and planning is essential in the grand scheme of things, but sometimes you just have to give in and let the heart rule the head.

It is oddly satisfying when you watch something come together. Right from the drawing board all the way down to completion.

The process can be thoroughly trying at times, but the end result almost always pay off handsomely when things work out.

Not every opportunity translate into success. But instead of feeling let down, you have to seek for the next best course of action, never ceasing in search of improvement.

It's not always easy to do and sounds a lot more achievable in theory, but I keep it in mind and try.

I still get the jitters when I have to make a call to action on unfamiliar grounds. Self doubts will always exist because there are no textbook solutions. Sometimes I do find myself wishing that there is someone to guide me and tell me what the next steps are.

But the best way forward is always confidence in your team and your own abilities.

I would like to think that running a business has given me a lot more confidence on how to handle my life in general, as well as dealing with problems.

Sometimes you'll wonder if the stress, high level of commitment and the long hours are worth it.


There is nothing more inherently fulfilling than being your own boss.

You foster the workplace culture, come up with a set of company values which reflect what you want of your business, set the brand direction, and basically dictate your own terms when it comes to defining what success means.

That you being able to see the fruits of your own labour in physical format is part of the allure which would have you choosing to work for yourself rather than slog for corporations.

The never ceasing learning process also makes it weirdly addictive, because you never seem to run out of new areas to explore and information to absorb.

On most days, you need to go at it with zest, passion and drive. Hard work with sleeves rolled up and sweat on your brows are going to be part and parcel.

On good days, you are allowed to revel in the joy but remember to never get too complacent. I gotta admit, this can get really trying at times.

On bad days, you just want to wallow in misery but you never fully immerse yourself in it because you know that you're the driving force behind it all and you cannot afford to break down for long.

There are many parallels to be drawn between running a business you call your own and living your life.

You take leaps of faith and hope that they land you wherever you want to be. You'll be able to overcome problems if you have enough love for what you do.

A year down the road I would definitely gain some new lessons given the never ending learning curve. Wonder how I would feel when I look back at this post then. Haha.

Super wordy post today, I hope you made it through the chunks of words well and fine!

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