So much work to settle before I fly off for work trip this Friday that I'm feeling a little frazzled.

Everyday is just šŸƒšŸ»šŸƒšŸ»šŸƒšŸ».

Racing to see how much work can be done each day because it can never be fully completed.

Have a good day ahead everyone!

And thank you girls for the response for yesterday's entry! Super grateful and will take them into consideration. Hope you had fun coming up with colour suggestions as well!

Photoshooting in progress.

New racks came in yesterday!

Another step closer to a chio-er studio. Heh.

Today's inspiration.


Different kind of #ootd suggested by Val. Hahaha. I was wearing this piece while shooting her in the exact same dress, which brought about this random shot.

Most people think that running an online store is an easy and glamourous job but #thetruthis…

We are all still at work on Thursday night at 9 going on 10pm. And I've no idea what time I'm going to complete the tasks on my to-do-list.

To other people, we seem to have a sweet life because we don't have rigid hours like those working in corporate offices, we answer to ourselves and not anyone else and our wardrobes get updated every single day.

And I do get why people think this way. Because even some of my friends do.

Was planning a meet up with a group of my JC friends and one of them commented that she's envious of me being able to travel all over and that she couldn't because she has to work for income, but I don't have to because my business generates income.

So I told her "If I don't work how my business generate income?"

The most mind boggling moment was when she told me…

Your clothes will auto generate income what.



I don't have anything against that friend of mine. It just suddenly dawned on me that this is how people view my job. Lol.

I get this all the time – "You 老ęæ need to work one meh? What do you do at work? You hire staff right?"

I also wish that I could just snap my fingers and work will automatically get done by a fat genie or a group of yellow minions. But nope. So far from the truth.

Also, cannot blame them because all they see on Instagram are OOTDs showing online store owners dressed up all day every day, brunch every other day and many other seemingly frivolous photos like flatlays etc.

But don't always judge based on what you see on the surface. That's all I'm telling you.

So anyway.

Maxi dresses are one of my favourite styles to wear.

If I can only wear one style for the rest of my life, this would be it. I love maxi dresses/skirts of any kind!

Picked green this time round instead of my usual colours because I really have too many black/white/black & white stripes maxi dresses. Lol.

Makes a nice change.

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