10000 things to do before my flight later on in the evening.

I better fly.

Days like these I wish I were superwoman.

It's weird how I have never travelled by myself before, but am going solo twice within the span of one month.

Travelling solo is a whole new experience altogether. Am not quite sure if I prefer travelling alone over travelling with people, but at least I'm getting used to it.

Finally getting in a breather after running from point A to point B to point Z.

Gonna shower and head for the airport soon!



There is now Zara at T3!

The reception is damn bad though. I keep getting cut off from whatsapp even though my phone is showing the 4G sign with a couple of bars of reception. Weird.

A good book is always on my list of flight essentials.

It's one of the rare few times I get to sit down uninterrupted and get to really concentrate on letting the words flow into my mind.

Am about to board, talk to you on the other side!


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