This is what happens when my #ootd photographer goes away on vacation.

Only can flatlay. Hahaha.

Anyway! Super comfy romper coming up on TTR this Sunday 8pm. Note the gorgeous crochet details!

It's made of slinky jersey cotton and it's the kind of material which makes me not want to take it off. Ever. One of my favourite materials to wear. And so… I kept this piece in both colours.


Met the little sissy for lunch yesterday and tadah. That's why got #ootd. Hahaha.

More denim coming up on TTR! I think that is one of our biggest steps forward this year. Launching our denim line.

I know some of you girls have been asking for shorts too. So… More to come!! 🙂

A-line skirts are all the rage this season. Don't miss grabbing a piece for yourself this weekend!

Loving how the wash turned out. I asked for this vintage inspired shade and I think the factory hit pretty close to the mark!

It looks good with a cute cropped top as well.

Really. So many ways to pair this skirt.


By the way… I am not even halfway through checking off my to-do-list before my flight tomorrow night.

Where's a fairy godmother when I need one???

My luggage is unpacked. Ok actually it's packed because everything from my work trip is still inside. So I have to unpack THEN pack. And a zillion things to do at work before I disappear from Singapore for about 10 days.

Need to stop whining and get back to work. Hahaha.

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