What my alarm clock looks like every morning.

It takes this many alarms to wake me up. I need to resist pressing on the snooze button with all my might, really.


Anyway, here's sharing some of the photos I shot for the recent TTR Lookbook – Foliage.

I'm pretty pleased with how the images turned out. Also, much credits and love goes to Val for loaning us her office space for this shoot.

If you want to see the full sized images, head over to TTR's website and click on "Lookbooks" on the menu bar.

Somehow the photos don't look as good as squares.

Anyhow, you can check out the full album on the website. So, go now. Heh.

Some of the items featured are already launched on site and you can shop them straight from the album's page. Just scroll down and you'll see them! The rest of the items will be gradually launched over the months of Oct and Nov.

Was telling @jongsy yesterday as it suddenly dawned on me that I have been going in to work consecutively every day for the past 2.5 weeks.

The only days I'm not in the office, I was on work trip. Which technically is still considered work.

#ilovemyjob #lovewhatyoudo #anditwillloveyourightback #cheesyhashtagsftw

One more crazy day to go before I disappear on a plane for more work. Exciting work, might I add.

Ok gtg, it's 3.45am and sleep is beckoning.

Hair decisions are important life decisions.

I usually let my stylist have a rough idea of what I want and leave it to him to pick out what works best for me.

So hyped to see how my highlights turn out today!


I look like I have birds nesting on my head. Hahaha.

No time to take a proper photo because I'm rushing like mad all over the place today BUT I love love love how the highlights turned out!

I don't know what colour this is called but it's a unique blend of ash grey and browns. And I asked for a darker base colour this time round.

If you visit my salon, ask for Yoshi if you want these colours too! He has a really good sense of what I want and usually give pretty solid advice when I'm being fickle minded. Hahah.

I like how the colours are subtle and not too over the top. I want highlights but I don't wanna look too…. Ah lian. If you know what I mean.

COVO Salon
43 Keong Saik Road
Tel 6221 4585

Just so you know, I'm not obliged to share this on Dayre even though I'm sponsored by the salon. But I trust them to do a good job with my hair and they always deliver.

Never have I once walked out feeling disappointed or wanting to go elsewhere to fix it over again.

And I think it really makes a difference when you go to a trustworthy salon. I always visit them once every 3-4 months but my hair still grows out nicely in between.

Alrighty. Talk to you guys later. Gotta dash!

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