TTR goes South Africa!

The best start to any day is a breakfast buffet spread.

By the way. It's 6am right now in South Africa. My eyelids still feel heavy and my brain is not fully functioning yet.

But anyway, the pastries and scrambled eggs are SO GOOD. I've never been a fan of hotel breakfasts. (Also because I usually don't manage to wake up in time for them).

We stayed at Intercontinental Hotel for the night because it was too late to drive down to the safari when we landed yesterday.

They have other stuff like cold meat and cereal and fruits but we only had 15 minutes to squeeze in a quick breakfast before our transport came.



Sneak peek of my safari inspired #ootd just for all of you on Dayre!

Parka upcoming on TTR this Sunday. Meow. πŸ…

And say hello to my travel partner-in-crime, Drea! πŸ‘‹πŸ»

We are currently on an arduous 6 hour drive to the safari. Long ride ahead but I can't wait to start seeing some wildlife.

I hope my 5GB of data will last me through the next few days!

The SIM cards here are really expensive. For 5gb and 10gb of data and 60 minutes of talk time each, we paid $185SGD. For a week's worth of usage.

But it's obviously a non negotiable expense… So. No choice loh.

Driving along the roads and everywhere just looks like a huge expanse of land. Buildings and cars are really scarce. Reminds me a little of my road trip in Aussie earlier this year, except that there are no horses or cattle grazing lazily along the roadsides.

Made a pit stop for the restroom and no prizes for guessing what I got.


And a banana muffin. You know. Just in case. Since our destination is going to be quite a distance away.

The weather here is extremely erratic. Today we have 12-22 degrees because there's no sun. But tomorrow the sun comes out and it'll be pushing 30 degrees. Such fickle weather.

It's summer here by the way!

So hopefully we manage to catch glimpses of baby animals because summer is apparent the season where there's an explosion of new life on the safaris.

We're heading to Singita Lebombo at the Kruger National Park now and I'm filled with anticipation. Can't wait to see how the place looks like! I think we're heading straight for the game drive prior to checking in though. No time to waste!

Caught some pretty sights in between bouts of sleep so here's sharing a couple of them.

Spotted lots of Jacaranda trees along the way and they are so gorgeous with their wisteria coloured leaves! 😍

4 more hours to go.

P.S. Neck pillows are really a good investment for long flights/rides.


Driving past a mountainous area. So effortlessly majestic. Too bad we have too little of nature in Singapore.


We have barely arrived at the resort and we have already spotted giraffes, zebras, buffaloes, a young elephant, deer, hog and a slow tortoise trying to cross the road.

It's like Night Safari but x100000 the scale. Our excitement level is at an all time high now.

No regrets spending 7 hours on the car because…


It looks a million times better in real life, I swear.

Behind the curtains is a bathtub, toilet built with glass walls all around, and an outdoor shower.

Mind blown.

There's also a daybed out on the balcony so that we can spot the wildlife just right outside our lodge. Seriouslyyyyy. How much more amazing can this South Africa trip get?

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