Night in Safari


I'm spending my night on the daybed in our villa's balcony. It's pitch dark all around and the sounds of nature are washing over me accompanied by gentle breezes. The temperature is just about right if I put on my thin cotton hoodie.

It's strangely peaceful and serene at the same time but yet you won't feel at all alone because you can hear trees rustling and shuffling their leaves, and the clicking of crickets and tiny unidentified bugs creating their own brand of magical symphony.

In the faraway, I can also hear hippos heaving and grunting. I have no idea what they are saying but I'm guessing that they are calling out to their own kind.

Some sounds I have no idea what. But it is entirely mind blowing and awe inspiring at the same time, that even though I cannot see what animals are out gallivanting at night, I feel completely at one with nature.

The night sky is subtly lit and awashed with an infinite number of tiny stars and constellations.

And maybe if I stare at them long enough, all my heart's desires will come true.

I could actually stare at them forever if I didn't have a 4am wake up call later in the morning for our final game drive.

Goodnight world and safari kingdom.

I am going to bed with ears plugged in to a wildlife orchestra band and snuggling under a blanket of stars tonight.

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