Safari Outfits

Am trying to do more updates on Dayre but the wifi and 3g here quite cannot make it….

And we don't get coverage at all when we're out at the game reserve.

I guess this is what being cut off from civilisation feels like. Hahaha.

But anyway. Here are some outfit shots which we took yesterday at the lodge. The rest of the photos will have to wait till maybe when we get to Cape Town. But I'll try my best!

We actually came up with a series of safari inspired outfits just for this campaign.. And I think the safari backdrop here in South Africa really bring out the style that we're trying to convey in this collection.

It took Drea and us months of planning but I think everything paid off handsomely even though we're merely 2 days into the trip. Hahaha.

Definitely going to be posting a lot more on Instagram the next couple of days because the uploading speed is somehow faster on that app.

Even sending photos over WhatsApp is slow and takes about 10 tries before the recipient actually gets the photo.

But anyway. It's been an extremely packed 2 days ever since we touched down and I think it's going to continue this way for the rest of the trip.

And I'm sorry I won't be able to reply much to comments here for the next few days because connection is really bad. Will get to them as soon as I can!

We've been waking up at 4am every morning ever since we got here but the adrenaline is keeping us going. Haha. Am sorry my updates are a little incoherent and all over the place, but am trying to update while I'm still connected.

We go for 2 game drives per day and we only get a break in between. For lunch and to explore the lodge.

Both outfits seen on Drea and me are going to be launched on TTR tonight, by the way.

The parka is made of nice lightweight material so it's suitable for summer.

Which brings me to the point that the weather in South Africa is super erratic. It's like having 2 seasons in a day. Mornings can be as cold as 12 deg C and just now it was so hot when the sun came out that I got tanned unwillingly. Lol. Really doesn't help that I get tanned easily…. Time to spam the sunblock!

Animal sightings wise, we got reallyyyy lucky.

In less than 24 hours, we already spotted the big 5! Which are namely the elephants, lions, leopards, rhinoceros and buffaloes. According to our guide, some people can go on drives for 5 days in a row before they spot all the 5 animals.

And we also spotted tons of giraffes!


Drea's outfit for the safari – Kenya Crochet Romper.

And here's my view right now which is pretty awesome.

Can't wait for the game drive later.

Here's hoping we spot more elephants! 🐘

Lunch with an insane view. Can't wait to lounge by the pool too!

Dining area.

Enjoying this trip immensely so far. It doesn't even feel like I'm there for work. Heh.

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