Wildlife Sightings

Hello everyone!

I'm still well and alive, not eaten by lions or trampled by elephants. Been quiet here because I unfortunately fell quite sick (still am) while at the safari and most of my energy went to getting through the past few days.

I usually fall sick once a year. And of all times it has to be now. While I'm travelling. In South Africa.

Anyway, I've been taking medication and am feeling slightly better now, so I thought I'd share some of the animals we sighted during our sojourn at the safari!

Never thought I'd ever be able to see them so up close because y'know. Wildlife. I think at the zoo is the closest I've ever gotten.

It is also highly unlikely that I would want to travel to South Africa as a holiday on my own if not for work. So I'm actually happy that I can now tell people that my job brings me on travels. Hahaha.

Giraffes are one of our favourite animals to see!

There's just something about their spindly long legs and necks which make them awkwardly graceful.

Hello you cutie.


My favourite animal of all is the elephant.

Mega excited whenever we spot them! So… Be prepared for tons of elephant photos coming your way. Hahaha.

This is just a mere fraction of what I have in my camera though. I'm quite glad that I decided to bring my 40-150mm lens last minute while packing because it was perfect for the animal shots! I've never used it prior to this trip but it FINALLY came in handy. Yay!

Wild rhino spotted!

And a rhino family!

We were really lucky to have spotted many babies this time round because our trip coincided with the birthing season.


Not the most exciting animal to sight but they're one of the big 5 in the safari. Lol.

The majestic lions at dusk. We got to watch them awake from their nap and they even came up really close to the Land Rover for a bit, which got our pulses racing really quickly.

What huge mouth you have!

Elephant mama and her baby.


One of my favourite captures of the elephants.

Nat Geo worthy right? LOL.

Please bear with me. A lot more elephant shots coming. Hahaha.

The timid zebras.

They run as soon as they spot any humans on foot.

The animals are generally chill with the land rovers and cars. I guess over time, they're conditioned by the knowledge that the cars are harmless and so mostly they just ignore us.

We've been told to not stand up in the Land Rover when we're near the big 5 because they can get aggressive if they register anything else other than the Land Rover.

That's a wildebeest staring at you right there.

And then we got reallyyyyy up close to a pride of 18 lionesses and cubs napping under the tree shade.

Sleeping kitty – do not disturb.

We were also really really lucky to have spotted 1 of the 100 extremely rare white lions in the world.

It's the only one within the pride which is white due to recessive genes according to our guide Chris.

And on our last game drive, the rarest sighting of all which according to Chris only 5% of the lodge guests get to see – the lions making a kill.

That's a zebra that they were feasting on right in the middle.

We didn't catch sight of the chase because we left the lions napping away in the shade. 20 minutes later, this happened. #fastgame

A little gruesome but I guess that's nature for you. Only the strong survive.

See the Land Rover in the background? That was how close we got to the lions.

I also have videos of them growling and roaring away as they compete with each other over their meal. Let's see if I have the time to edit it into a nice video of our trip when I get back to Singapore.

And this poor giraffe was trying to get near the water source but being all hesitant because the lions were having their meal near the water.

So it just stood there and waited. Haha. Super cute.


Having wifi on board is damn awesome, so here's one last elephant photo for you guys!

Will be posting more on my blog once I get my NYC posts out of the way. I'm already working on them so you'll be seeing them next week on the blog!

Ok sorry I'm not keeping my words. But this one is too cute to not share.

Been there, done that, sighted wildlife, grew 20 shades darker – but South Africa still feels like a dream. Would definitely head back again to explore other parts of this wondrous land which has so much to offer.

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