Bangkok Trippin’



Tom yum goong, mango sticky rice, After You, and all kinds of yummy Thai food gonna appear on my Dayre soon. Hahaha.

I was just lamenting about how I didn't get the chance to travel to BKK this year and tadah. 2 free air tickets magically appeared.

Actually. Jess gave up hers because of passport issues/exams. Haha. So as her sisters, we get to benefit. ✌🏻

Happy us waiting to fill up the tummies!

We were talking about it and realised that we haven't travelled together with just the two of us. There're always other people around. The only times we travel with each other are work trips and we all know work trips don't count.

So yay to our first overseas trip together @jongsy!!


I'm actually really tired and in need of coffee now because it was a mad rush trying to complete my work after I came back from South Africa two days ago and before my flight this morning at 7am.


I'm so bad at coping with jetlag because my body clock is already screwed up as it is. I was practically a zombie for the entire of yesterday. Walking around doing photoshoot with bloodshot red rimmed eyes. Lol. Not a pretty sight.


A holiday's a holiday! Haha even when I'm feeling tired as hell.

The jam in Bangkok is no joke, by the way. We've been stuck in traffic for the past 20 minutes since leaving the airport. And my stomach is protesting.



Favourite place for crepe cake.


This Milo crepe cake is super awesomeeeeee.

Swear we were only gonna order the Milo one but…. I went ahead and ordered the Thai Milk Tea crepe cake as well.

Already here, might as well right?

#selfconsolation #dietbeginswhenwegohome #caloriesdontcountonvacations


Took Uber for the first time in Bangkok and OMGGGGG it was so cheap?

We were on the car for 20 minutes and the fare was….


What's the point of taking the sky train in Bangkok then? Hahaha. Totally uber-ing everywhere from now on!

Uber is having a promotion now I think! Just saw it in my mailbox. If you're a first time user, key in my code <joyceh114> to get $15 off your first ride.

Disclaimer: I'm not doing an advert. Just sharing because I'm amazed at how cheap the fare is.

Loving our Bangkok trip so far.

It's never a waste of time to waste time.


Dinner at a nice looking place with not so nice food. Fell short of expectations based on the photos and reviews we've checked out prior to heading here.

The mango sticky rice wasn't too bad but the rest were pretty mediocre. The only saving grace was that the meal wasn't too expensive given the ambience of the place.

Oh well. We'll learn our lesson and just stick to Baan Khun Mae next time. Lol.

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