A fine example of a place not living up to its hype.

The food was good but not great. However, given the secluded location and misinformation on Google and Google maps… I wouldn't say that it's worth the hassle trying to hunt down On Lok Yun.

Meh. At least now we know. @jongsy

Took us 100 years and 3 rides to reach this place. Good grief.

A photo is in order because we took so damn long to find this place.


A table full of food because we took so damn long to find this place.

Overall a decent place for breakfast IF you stay nearby and know exactly how to get there. It's simple fare done right but I would be happy with Yakun any day too.

I'm sure you can find old school breakfast places like that in Singapore as well.

I guess that's the problem with us Singaporeans. Hahah. We go where the hype brings us albeit blindly most of the times.

Convinced @jongsy to stay at an Airbnb apartment with me this time round because we've been to BKK so many times and we've always stayed at hotels near the central area.

No doubt convenient, but I think apartments off the main area has their own charm as well.

Found this really nice one off Airbnb while I was searching so here we are!

Love how this place is made of so much concrete. So much grey all around. Love.

It has this nice little kitchen area but I doubt we will do any cooking.

The owner has an art gallery just right below the apartment so there are naturally lots of art pieces inside the apartment as well.

Didn't even have to step out of the house to take my #ootd. Hahaha.

Lodge Long Trench coming up on TTR tomorrow (actually today if you go by SG time) at 8pm!

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