Apparently croissants are the new in thing to transform into other pastries nowadays. Because just being merely a croissant is not good enough. I didn't get to try to Cronut when I was in NYC because the queue was insane. Reaching at 7am to queue for a pastry is just too much.

Everyone, meet craffle. A marriage between croissant and the waffle.

But it's actually just a croissant being forced into the shape of a waffle. Hahaha. It tasted strangely nice though.

This is spinach and cheese!

And here we have another poor croissant being made to pretend to be something else.

A croissantwich. Which essentially is a croissant x sandwich. I picked the sausage and cheese so there was a whole lot of hot nacho cheese oozing out. Yumz.

Been having mango sticky rice every day ever since we got here to fuel my addiction.

Everywhere we go, I tell @jongsy "help me see if they have mango sticky rice, I feel like eating leh."

I don't even like mango usually! But when it comes to mango sticky rice I just cannot. Loveeee.


The first mango sticky rice we've had was at Taling Pling.

It was extremely average. Too little rice and the mango wasn't even that sweet. Also the most expensive we've had so far. 200 baht. Probably because it was from a restaurant in Sukhumvit.

The second time we had mango sticky rice was at a dessert shop at Siam Square called Mango Tango.

According to Jo, this place is somewhat known for their mango desserts.

So in we went!

This fared much better.

We ordered the Mango Tango which was their signature dish with mango, mango pudding and mango sorbet. Added extra sticky rice and we paid 145 baht for this!

It could definitely do with a bigger portion of rice though.

I love the sorbet as well. Gives an interesting twist to the authentic mango sticky rice.

My favourite is the one I made.

Nah. I kid.

This was from a random roadside stall for 80 baht and merely came in a transparent plastic box + disposable fork and spoon. I re-plated it this morning by deconstructing the rice and putting it on a plate.

Unsurprisingly, the best out of the 3 we've had so far.

The original portion is actually double what you see in this photo. Hahah. And I love that it comes with both white and purple sticky rice! The mango is so so so sweet.

I can't stop thinking about it. How???

At this place called The Jam Factory now and it's a cafe/living/bookstore all in one.

Loving the laid back vibe here.


Also, all the homeware and furniture they sell are damn nice?! So hard to resist buying. But the shipping is gonna cost a bombzxzx.

It's amazing how much patience most drivers in BKK have.

The jams are so insane but I don't even hear them being angsty/furiously pressing the horns/cursing and swearing under their breaths. Just how do they do it?

I feel impatient just sitting on the car without even having to drive. Lol.

Grilling our own seafood for dinner~


Super adorable food truck!

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