Be Kind

Today, instead of sharing what we've eaten/the interesting places that we've been, I'm going to share two acts of kindness which were shown to us by the locals on this trip.

It's true when they say that it's the people who make the place.

And some of the people here has shown us kindness which may not be big gestures, but it just goes to show just how warm hearted Thai people are.

We took 2 separate cab rides to try to locate the ever obscure On Lok Yun but to no avail. The second destination which we arrived at was near, but still the wrong one.

So we decided to approach a local Thai lady who was having lunch just right next to where we were standing. I guess she wasn't sure either, so she asked the people around her.

And within seconds, we had the entire stretch of stall owners coming together to help us figure out where it is and even helped us tell the tuktuk driver where to take us.

And eventually, we did find it. What served as a fond memory about On Lok Yun was not their food, but the fact that the locals were so willing to help us for nothing in return.

Today, we called for an Uber to take us out. Usually the drivers get to our place with no problems. But today, we had this particular driver who probably has bad direction sense. Or maybe he wasn't familiar with the area.

After seeing him go loops around the area on the app, I gave him a ring and because language was obviously a barrier, I couldn't help with him figuring out directions and he said he would try to find us.

The slight frustration of having to wait in the heat with tons of flies and mosquitoes surrounding us must have shown on my face. 2 young Thai students came up to us and asked if they could help.

The Singaporean in me got my guard up… Hahaha. Usually when people approach you on the streets, it must be because they want to sell you something, ask you to donate money, or do surveys, right?

But no, they just purely wanted to help. So I passed them my phone for them to communicate with the driver and within a few minutes the driver managed to find it under the detailed guidance of the students.

Giving directions might not be a big thing to them but the fact that they were being so non expectant about receiving anything in return for their help really expounded the kindness of Thai people.

And the collective huge grins on their faces when we thanked them before getting onto the ride made the start of our day such a great one.

A little bit of kindness goes a long way.

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