If you haven't heard…

We're having a super major SALE on our website tonight at 8pm!

Really gotta give it to @nakedglory for always coming out with ace designs for our home banners. Each week it just gets better.

Hehe. Why my graphic designer so awesome?? ✌🏻️

A word of caution for shipping though! We've been getting feedback about delayed shipments from customers who opted for normal mail recently.

So if you want your packages quick, please go for courier. Slightly costly compared to normal mail but it's worth it if you buy more pieces.

Idk about you but when I purchase items online I like to receive them ASAP. Hahaha. So I usually go for the fastest option possible. Not a fan of delayed gratification as you can tell.

My graphic designer has a sense of humour…

But a little voice in my head called sanity told me to reject this design. Hahaha. So this blooper is only viewable on my Dayre and not on the website!

Gonna be battling another sleepless night since we're doing an outdoor shoot tomorrow morning.

Sigh. Me and my anxiety issues. No matter how many shoots we do already, I'm still a bundle of nerves. I don't even know so nervous for what. Shoots almost always turn out better than expected. Hahaha.

Crossing my fingers that everything goes smoothly and everyone turns up on time tomorrow!

Hmm wish me luck?

What diet looks like.

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